Monthly Archives: November 2008

Day 15: Home again, home again

Our plan is simple: Squeeze out every drop of sun.  Up at 7.30, pool side breakfast at 8.00, where we… Continue reading »

Day 14: Horsiiiiies!

Breakfast at pool side and then back to the room to dress for our great adventure.  At 10.00 a.m. we… Continue reading »

Day 13: MaxxF redux

After breakfast on the terrace, it’s off to the pool.  Katrin drops out after 50% due to hypothermia, but Mike… Continue reading »

Day 12: Sir D’ivalot and Maid Mariner

Our first dive today required us to be at the dive center by 7.45.  The alarm woke us at 6.45,… Continue reading »

Day 11: Bona sera

Thursday was another beach day.  Katrin braved the frigid pool but Mike skipped aqua gymnastic due to a bruised heel… Continue reading »